1. Snister2

    XF 2 Tip Widget Radio Update #3

    Feature: √ Autoplay √ Station Selection View the guide here: https://enxf.cc/threads/widget-radio-update-2.17916/
  2. sirready

    Send params to widgets

    Hello everyone, I am developing an addon and I need a way to display custom data based on params. Unfortunately, the render function for the within widgets doesn't take param Bag render(ParameterBag $params) The idea: My URL is /something/1/4 Based on the params which are 1 and 4 I need to...

    xF2 Add-on Widget Positions for Category Pages 1.0.0

    Adds two widget positions on category pages: one above and one below the main content. Note : To display a widget on a particular category page use the following conditional statement: $xf.reply.containerKey == 'node-ID' replacing ID with the category id.
  4. F

    WP Plugins XFCoder :: Latest XF Threads Widget for WordPress 2.2

    he plugin allows you to create "Latest XenForo Threads" widgets on your WordPress installation. Utilizes the XenForo API, which means you can also fetch the latest threads of a remote website that isn't on your own server if you want to. Uses AJAX for loading the widget content, so as not to...

    xF2 Add-on [AP] Daily Goals 2.5.0

    This addon adds a "Daily Goal" for posts to the Forum Statistics widget. You can specify the desired goal in the admin panel. The counter is reset via a cron entry every day at 00:00.
  6. sarvin_pakzad

    xF2 Template Modification How to Make a Progress bar widget

    Hi Guys, With this tutorial, you can use non-animated progress bar widget in your forum. :) Step 1 ) Create template called "progressbar.less" and add the following codes: .container{ width:250px; display:block; line-height: 150%; } .progress { overflow: hidden; height...

    xF2 Add-on View Staff Online 1.0.1

    Add a permission setting to control who can view the "Staff online" widget. Staff online is not a separate widget - it is part of the "members_online" widget. You can turn off the display of Staff online globally via the widget settings, but that means nobody can see it - not even...

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Widget Homepage 1.6.8

    Description: Easily create a widget homepage like a portal page. Add any widget to any widget homepage position. Use you imagination and create homepage to suit your needs. Features: adds a dedicated page for your homepage (or some other page) many widget positions (see also map below)...

    xF2 Add-on Recent Posts 2 by Siropu 2.0.10

    A feature rich widget that display recent posts in a block, thread list style (same as forum view). Widget features Set maximum entries to display Display entries within the last x days Exclude certain forums Include only certain forums Exclude certain threads Include only certain threads Set...
  10. Skynet

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Advanced Footer Widget Positions 2.0.0

    This simple addon will add widget positions for the footer columns (A-D) found in Nulumia pro themes. With this addon, in addition to your custom column HTML, you can add any of your favorite Xenforo widgets! Nulumia themes already come bundled with styling for most Xenforo widgets, so they...
  11. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [XTR] Most Followers 1.0.1

    [XTR] Most Followers Members This add-on allows you to add most followers tab on notable members page of your community and Most followers widget with follower counts. Options Style Properties Permissions Sort by Most followers User criteria for the Most Followers Manage the display...
  12. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [Xenbros] Node list sidebar widget 1.3.0

    Want a node list in sidebar as widget then this addon is for you. Node List Sidebar widget help to get the node tree as a menu form. It’s show the forum up to 2 depth. With this addon users could easily come to the forum/sub forum they want easily just by a click. – Admin can choose node for...
  13. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Membership Page 1.3.0

    Description: Create a membership page and customize it with tons of settings and styling options. *note: Proceed button on pack item on the membership page leads to user account upgrade page. You can't point it directly to the payment process. Features: navigation tab, membership page and...
  14. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [XTR] Node List Widget - Forum List 1.0.1

    [XTR] Node List Widget - Forum List The plugin allows you to add your entire forum list as a widget. The following is what you need to do after installation. Log in to the Widget Manager in the Design and Languages area for users using our TR-Language package. Click the Add a new widget...
  15. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Widget Tabs 1.1.3

    Description: Create a widget and add additional widgets inside and show them as tabs. More in screens below Features: create up to 8 tabs and add widgets to preset widget positions add an icon for widget tab title easy choose between two tab header styles show widgets title (useful if you want...
  16. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Widget Columns 1.0.2

    Description: With this add-on you can show widgets in columns in an easy way. There are 2 containers available where you can add up to 4 widgets. That way you can easily make a custom page like a portal with different widgets. Features: add 2 widget containers to a different location with up...
  17. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [OzzModz] Members Online Widget Permission 2.0.0

    Adds an extra permission to control who can view the Who's online widget. Normally, when you disable 'View member profiles', the Who's online widget would also be hidden. This add-on makes it possible to control the widget so it can be shown. For example, if you don't want your guests to see...
  18. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on XFMG media widget type icons 1.0.0 Beta

    By default, XFMG type icons are not added to the media slider widget. This addon applies two template modifications that should add the type icons to this widget. Type icons may be undesired in the sidebar, so a third template modification is included that should still hide them only in the...
  19. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [tl] User groups widget 2.0.1

    Description: Show users of specific user groups. Supported options: Filter by user groups Limit number of users to display Support order by common stats Support cache data
  20. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [cXF] Welcome Notice Widget 1.1.1

    This add-on will show a welcome notice as widget to guests on your forum. Features: add notice as a widget and position it almost anywhere highly customizable in style properties (change text color, background, icons, button color etc.) title and description are phrased for easy editing option...