xF2 Add-on [XTR] Attach Media Player 1.0.0

    [XTR] Attach Media Player Options This addon allows you to play the attached multimedia files. Before [XTR] Attach Media Player After the [XTR] Attach Media Player Please be sure and do not forget, add new allowed attachment file extensions before installation.

    xF2 Add-on [XenConcept] Profile Post Attach 2.0.1 Beta 1

    This add-on allows you to add attachments to the profile posts. New in 2.0.1 Beta 1 Upload videos in profile posts and comments New user group permissions

    xF1 Add-on Team/Staff Page Templates 1.0

    This resource is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd. These are some page templates you can use for your team/staff page. They have been created using the default CSS classes so will automatically update for each style. There is some additional CSS in each file to complement the default CSS in...

    xF1 Add-on Happy Holidays 1.0

    This addon will add Snow Falling & Holiday Garland to your community, you don't need to edit templates. There are some style properties: Admin CP >> Appearance >> Style Properties >> Happy Holidays: - Includes 4 styles of Holiday Garland With Ringing Balls. - Snow Falling options for adjusting...

    XF 1 Tip Change Reply Button Text

    First, login to your ACP. Navigate to Appearance > Phrases. Go to the search bar and tick the 'prefix match'. Find 'reply'. Phrase appears first as you need to click on and modify. Do not change the title of the phrase, it is still to reply. Go to the Phrase text and change the text from...

    XF 1 Tip Visual List of Ad Locations

    A series of images which show the locations of the default XenForo Ad Templates

    XF 1 Tip Font colour zoom out on hover

    Just a simple effect I thought was nice and worth sharing. Simply paste the following into EXTRA.css and on hover your colour font blocks will zoom out at you. :D I'm quite sure the -o prefix isn't needed anymore. This is for 1.2 only and works with redactor editor. .redactor_color_link:hover...

    XF 1 Tip XF Default Style's Color Palette RGB Codes

    I figured out all these RGB codes the first time I played with XF default style, and have used this as a reference when I was tweaking the colors of our XF website, and found it very useful so I thought that I might share this with everyone. P.S. Please ignore the "download now" file. It is the...

    XF 1 Tip How to find the Xenforo template you need visually!

    Drag and drop this into your bookmarks bar: javascript:(function() javascript:(function() {XenForo.alert($('#content').attr('class'), '', 5000);}()) Click the bookmark when in your XF install: Credit: Made by a good friend of mine! No guarantees of ANY kind! Rate if it works! Complain if it...
  10. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Individual node CSS attributes

    Steps Decide which node to modify: locate its ID in ACP > Applications > Node Tree > {desired category}, check URL for the ID, see below: In this example it's 47. Open EXTRA.css in ACP > Appearance > Templates > {desired style} > EXTRA.css Insert the following code: .nodeList .node_47...
  11. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Remove News Ticker from Navigation

    In addition to all other user group permissions for news tickers, you can also set which user groups can see navigation tab for news ticker: So, easily set it to NO, for any group that you don't want to let them see that link in navbar.
  12. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Resource Manager 1.1 - Permissions

    Resource Manager 1.1 - Permissions I've just picked a fight with the new RM permissions, so this guide might be useful for some of you. If you're an expert with XenForo permissions you certainly won't need it, so don't need to waste your time with it. Case: You've got two kind of usergroups...
  13. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Category description on hover

    Add to EXTRA.css: /* START - Category description on hover */ .nodeList .categoryStrip .nodeTitle a { float: left; } .nodeList .categoryStrip .nodeDescription { display: none; } .nodeList .categoryStrip:hover .nodeDescription, .node:hover .nodeDescription { display: block; float...
  14. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Thread Info add-on customization

    Requirements for this customizations: [SSD] Thread Info With code below you'll change this look: ... to that: Add code below to EXTRA.css template: /*** Thread Info Add-on customization ***/ .ssd_threadinfo2 { border: 0 !important; padding: 0 !important; background: none !important...
  15. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip XenForo Installation Guide

    Step 1) Download the latest available release from here XenForo Releases - nulled Save the zip file to your desktop. Unzip the file. Find the upload folder inside. Step 2) Upload The Files The normal upload method is FTP. Your web host will provide you with a FTP login which you can enter...
  16. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Setting up your favicon

    Introduction This guide is a step by step guide on how to change your favicon. Firstly, what is a favicon? A favicon is an icon which belongs to a domain that is displayed in many different ways, as in your browser's web address bar or next to the site name on your bookmark list. You could say...
  17. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip [cXF] Change Navigation Tabs side

    Instead of this: ... have this: Add code to EXTRA.css template: .navTabs .publicTabs { float: right !important; } .navTabs .visitorTabs { float: left !important; }
  18. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Creating custom user group banner CSS

    These instructions will explain how to create your own custom CSS for user banners. Give the banner a title: Choose a class name for your custom class, in this example we are using my-style. Add it to the custom CSS field for the user group, like so: If you want the banners to wrap around...
  19. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Implementing permissions across multiple user groups

    Having logged in to quite a few installations to resolve permission issues, it's clear that a lot of people haven't quite grasped the concept. So here are a few pointers: 1. All members should be in the Registered group as their Primary - that includes moderators, administrators and super...
  20. ENXF NET

    XF 1 Tip Tutorial Translating the Resource Manager

    I will be showing you how to translate the Resource Manager to articles, blogs, reviews, classifieds, etc. It is pretty easy, just takes patience. ;) First you need to go to Appearance, then Search Phrases. Next search for "resource". Some other addons may have "resource" in its phrases so...