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xF2 Add-on XFtoWP - XenForo to WordPress integration 1.5.5

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WordPress 5.0+
XFtoWP 1.5 RC2 is now available for download

Explore Bulk User Imports across WP and XF, mass sync users, better data logging, and much more!

See a preview of the plugin below...

Reliably connect your XenForo forum to WordPress website(s)*.

Sync user registrations and account details, automate group promotions, send messages, and everyone's favorite—use thread replies as blog and page comments.

XFtoWP is a must-have for every WordPress and XenForo website duo.
* XenForo 2.2+ and API key access required.

XFtoWP top features:
  • User sync: Register and sync users across installations in a safe and performant way.
    • Sync registrations, logins, deletions, and profile updates
    • Create automated User actions to promote and demote usergroups
    • Send alerts or conversations on any given user action
    • Target product purchases and expiration with eCommerce integrations
    • Automatically log users in from WordPress to XenForo
  • Integrates with:
    • WooCommerce
    • WooCommerce Memberships
    • MemberPress
    • BuddyPress / BuddyBoss
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • LifterLMS
    • Memberium
    • XFtoWP is highly developers friendly
  • Thread comments: Quickly create and connect threads to use as highly functional blog comments. Auto-increment the comments count total with the number of forum replies to add instant activity to your posts.
    • Use the new XenForo meta box on posts, pages, and custom post types to create/connect threads
    • Ships with two comment styles: Minimal and Thread view
    • Automatically insert comments template below posts. Replace WP comments or combine into tabs.
    • Cut-off long replies and show on the "click to expand" button to keep your comments section readable.
    • Don't show all replies at once, choose how many replies per page to show and load more with a button click.
    • Control what shows up in your comments. Filter out images, code, avatars, and other parts of replies.
    • XFtoWP minimizes the amount of requests made to your forum and loads replies without notice.
    • For your convenience you can view a log of all connected threads from the plugin settings page.
  • Forum widget: Display lists of hand-picked content from your forums. Easily customize with simple Widget settings and re-use anywhere you can use Widgets in WordPress.
    • Show latest posts, featured threads, and a simple forum listing
    • Toggle sections to show only relevant content per widget
    • Combine all sections into a tab widget or display inline
    • Reuse and create custom widgets anywhere WordPress uses widgets (even template tags)
  • Developer tools: Use XFtoWP as the foundation for all of your custom XenForo to WordPress development.
    • Make live requests to the XenForo API without any extra authorization
    • Access XFtoWP's stored data about your site from the wp_options and wp_postmeta table
    • Enable Thread comments on custom post types and extend other core features with hooks and filters
    • Use the XFWP_Integration class to integrate your favorite eCommerce and membership plugins
    • Completely customize templates with a child theme template override
    • Semantic HTML markup and lightweight scripts + styles. No jQuery required
  • Other features
    • Use the XFtoWP admin panel to refresh forum data and customize its features
    • Plugin is fully ready for translation from the built-in Strings Manager
    • Highly optimized API requests that ensures no data waste and an invisible refresh process when made from the frontend
    • Styled to match your theme and built with WP code standards. Data sanitization/validation on user-entered input and use of proper hooks for comments features
    • One-click updates from the WordPress admin panel ensures you get the latest version of XFtoWP sent to your site
    • Access downloads, documentation, and official support from your own private account on XFtoWP.com
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