[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system | Forum istatistik sistemi

xF2 Add-on [XenGenTr] Forum statistics system | Forum istatistik sistemi 4.0.5

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[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system
You have already used a different version of this statistic. I am happy to release the new version with some requests and the necessary changes.

[XenGenTr] statistics - Technical specifications
  • It is a widget system with Tamami.
  • New, recent messages.
  • New issues.
  • The subjects that received the most reply.
  • Most viewed topics.
  • Top rated topics.
  • You can withdraw the above data from the required forums in any number of times.
  • 1 user statistic requested.
  • User names appear in user group colors.
  • Topic link next to Google search button.
  • The change in the database works without any new additions.
  • Of course 100% Mobile compatibility.
  • And it is from TURKISH :)

Options of the insert
  • User groups that can view attachments can be restricted.
  • Unwanted widgets such as new topics, messages, hit topics can be turned off.
  • Member Stats On / Off.
  • Open / Close in user name group color
  • Google search button on / off

Visual options;
  • You can arrange all the area colors of the insert as you like.
You will see more as you use it :)..

Plugin installation;
If you are using the old statistic, you must remove it. I did not want to deal with that change with updates to The complete structure.


Step 1,
- Pull the file from the attachment
Step 2,
- Into the folder named UPLOAD in the file into the folders with the same name in the FTP
Step 3,
- Adminpc >> Add-ons >> find add-ons >> Upload with install button

- Admincp >> Groups and permissions >> User group permissions >> Group to authorize >> [XenGenTr] Forum statistics permissions
- Adminpc >> Installations >> XF options >> [XenGenTr] Forum stats - Options
- Adminpc >> Views and languages >> Theme properties >> [XenGenTr] stats - Design
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