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Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder — addons for Beaver Builder — transform your productivity with customizable modules and Beaver Builder templates. Ultimate Addons is a premium extension for Beaver Builder that adds 30+ modules, 100+ templates and works on any Beaver Builder package. You can use it in any WordPress theme.

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Lite – Features
  • Ribbon: An attractive lead generation module that allows you to display headings, titles and offers within an attractive ribbon that can be customized as per your needs.
  • Image Separator: A creative module that allows you to add relevant and attractive looking images between rows.
  • Info Table : A wonderful content module that can be used to display content in a descriptive manner with a title, description, links and image to accompany them all.
  • Info List: Another content module that allows you to display a list of items with their respective information along with an image or icon.
  • Slide Box: A creative module that allows you to add content on the front and back of a box. The content on the back slides out when you hover or click on the box.
  • Flip Box: Another creative module that acts similar to a slide box; just that the box is flipped around to display the content on the back.
  • Button: A button can act as an effective lead generation module paired with your call-to-action. This module comes with several ways to make it look stylish and trendy.
  • Image / Icon: A lively content module that allows you to add an image of your choice and an icon among the hundreds available in the free library that comes with the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder.
  • Simple Separator: A simple content module that allows you to add a separator between the title and the description of a particular content. You’ll love the styling options given here!
  • Spacer: A very simple, yet useful module that allows you to insert extra space between modules or anywhere on a page.
  • Heading: The Heading module allows you to add a heading anywhere on the page. Next time you want to add a single line, remember, you have the heading module.
  • 100% SEO Friendly and quick loading modules.
  • A translation friendly interface that makes working easy and fun.
  • Built with responsive designs.
Ultimate Addons Pro Features
  • All the above-mentioned modules included in a pack of highly performing and creative 45+ modules that make building websites both, easy and fun.
  • 200+ well-designed, conversion oriented, responsive and beautiful section and page templates created with your requirements in mind. All these are loaded in a Template Cloud.
  • Easy enable and disable options for modules; to reduce unnecessary server requests.
  • Live Preview options while you are still editing a page.
  • White Label Branding
  • Unlimited usage on your own or client’s websites.
  • World class professional support directly from the developers.
  • Annual and Lifetime Licenses.
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