Smart Cleanup Tools is an easy to use, powerful plugin for database cleanup with total of 37 cleanup, reset and removal tools. With this plugin you can remove data that is no longer in use, or it is unneeded.
Other Features
  • WordPress Toolbar Menu with quick access and cleanup options
  • Tools to export and import plugin settings and scheduled jobs
  • Disable tools you don’t want to use from cleanup and reset panels
  • Log all executed SQL queries during cleanup check into file
  • Log all executed SQL queries during cleanup execution into file
  • Log work with normal and scheduled executions
  • Gathers statistical data for each tool used
  • Gathers global statistics for saved database space
  • Uses AJAX for cleanup operation executing
  • Support translation and includes POT file
Version 4.7 / 2018.08.10.
  • Added: extra explanation for the Quick Cleanup
  • Added: removal tool for unapproved comment removal
  • Updated: few tweaks to auto enabled cleanup tools
  • Deleted: removed cleanup tool for unapproved comment removal
  • Deleted: removed obsolete GravityForms cleanup tools
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