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This is the search system we use here on that extends XenForo's default search in a few ways...


3 New Searchable Content Types

Anyone can search for users (it allows you to find anything about the user... for example if you search for a domain, it will find a user associated with that domain in some way (email within that domain, signature has domain listed, home page listed, etc.) You can also search for things like Skype username and will show users listing it on their account.

Moderators/Admins are able to search for reports (including comments).

Users are able to search their own conversations (this content type requires that you are using XenForo Enhanced Search/Elastic Search).


In addition, there is a new permissions for mods/admins that allows searching/viewing any conversation in the system (this normally would be used to find spammers spamming the same URL under different accounts). This is a highly privileged permissions and should be treated as such.

Ability To Search Soft-Deleted Content
Mods/admins are able to search non-public content.

They also see a quick visual representation in search results for items that are soft-deleted.


Banned Users Can Be Searched For
The normal XenForo user search in the search results sidebar allows searching of banned users.

Post Areas
Member profiles have a new "Areas" tab that shows the most common areas that the user posts in (it adheres to the viewing user's permission to see that are, so private areas aren't exposed).


Better Search Analyzer
Digital Point Search gives you a new stemming option that allows ElasticSearch to index numbers, ignore stop words, treat punctuation within a word as a word break, etc.


XenForo Enhanced Search Status/Stats
If you use the XenForo Enhanced Search addon, your admin area will show some info about your search cluster.


Clicking on any search node will give you details about that individual node...


Indexing Decoupled From User Experience With XenForo Enhanced Search
If you use the XenForo Enhanced Search addon, the user experience is not slowed down by indexing time.

  • Requires XenForo 1.2.0 or higher and Elastic Search 1.0.0 or higher
  • The MySQL variable group_concat_max_len affects how many characters of conversations are indexed for search. By default this is set to 1024. You may want to increase this value in your /etc/my.cnf file (we have it set to 102400 here).
  • License allows you to install it on any sites you own, but you can't install it on sites you do not own (for example if you are a consultant) without the site owner having their own license.
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