XF2 Style [Stylesfactory] ClanZ Dark 2.2.13c

    ClanZ style is mostly for gaming communities but with some small edits it can fit every need! You can: set background for node set icons for each forum set big content display panel with highlights set logo set welcome message set announcement set custom footer with 4 blocks set 2 or 3 forum...

    XF2 Style [Stylesfactory] ClanZ White 2.2.13c

    ClanZ style is mostly for gaming communities but with some small edits it can fit every need! You can: set background for node set icons for each forum set big content display panel with highlights set logo set welcome message set announcement set custom footer with 4 blocks set 2 or 3 forum...

    XF2 Style [Nulumia] PlayFusion

    Introducing our new PlayStation inspired gaming style for Xenforo 2 forum, PlayFusion is an amazingly clean and responsive style for any gaming community. PlayFusion uses light, crisp visuals with awesome features such as built-in slideshow, partner logos, customizable footer layouts and more...

    XF2 Style Portal Pro (4 Presets)

    Portal Pro is a bold gaming & esports inspired theme for Xenforo 2 forum. Loaded with powerful features and four preset themes, Portal Pro is a great solution for any gaming community. Select from four awesome themes to suit your community's favorite game(s), or customize your theme using...
  5. hollywood1337

    Adding a casino/games that modify credits

    Is anyone aware of any addons/ways that will allow my users to use their account points to gamble or play games for extra credits? For example, roulette or blackjack- maybe even crash, stuff like that.
  6. DareSec

    XF 2.1 Style [Nulumia] Modern Gamer XF2 (10 Presets)

    Features Fully Responsive – great on mobile and tablets Tested with the most popular Xenforo resources! A unique market feature, your style is already configured to look seamlessly compatible with many of the most widely used Xenforo mods Free slideshow system Professional footer layout builder...

    XF2 Style [Stylesfactory] EXPerience Dark 2.2.13c

    Check one of the best themes for all gaming communities. You can find here many special functions which will make for forums look better and give fantastic user experience.

    XF2 Style [Xenfocus] Villain 2.2.13

    Villain for xenforo 2 Villain is a dark, semi-transparent theme focused around a simple background picker and fixed header. Perfect for any community, but especially great for gaming sites!

    XF2 Style [Xenfocus] Carbon 2.2.13

    Carbon for xenforo 2 Carbon, named after the carbon texture which is used throughout the design, is a dark theme for xenforo and is especially perfect for gaming sites. Your members can customize the theme themselves by choosing their own color scheme and background image from a preset array...
  10. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style Titan

    Titan for xenforo 2 Titan is the ultimate gaming theme, based upon a large wallpaper image which is blurred behind textured navigation and category bars. Assign up to 6 background images via the theme settings to completely change the colour scheme, and let your members choose their favourite...
  11. ENXF NET

    XF1 Style Tactical Light

    The ultimate in gaming themes, Tactical comes with 10+ game designs including 10 just for Minecraft packaged right in. You can select from Battlefield 4, Minecraft, Borderlands 2, Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2, DOTA2, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Skyrim, Left 4 Dead 2, and...
  12. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style [Stylesfactory] Vertiforo Dark 2.2.13c

    Full responsive Dark & Orange colors (default). Custom colors for main color areas Xenforo 2 (latest version) Nodes custom backgrounds in forum edit Free premade headers in download Header editable in admin panel Custom footer editable in admin panel Slider panel Announcements panel Sidebar...
  13. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style DarkTabbed 1.2.0b

    DarkTabbed for Xenforo 2 is here! DarkTabbed is finally making its debut on the Xenforo 2 platform, after a great and popular run as a Xenforo 1.5 style. This release marks the first iteration of DarkTabbed for XF2, with many new features yet to come. DarkTabbed is a smooth and minimal Xenforo...
  14. ENXF NET

    xF1 Add-on Gametracker SSL Proxy 2.0

    Introduction If you display Gametracker banners on your ssl secured site, you may get a warning for mixed content as Gametracker does not deliver their banner images via https. With this proxy script you are able to fix this issue. What does this script do? The script checks, if the banner url...
  15. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on [XFA] Roster - XF2 2.1.0

    Requirements XenForo 2.0.0+ Description Roster adds a complete club management system to your forum with the capability to create rosters associated to different games in each club. This xF add-on is usable standalone but can also be used in combination with our Tournament addon (coming soon...
  16. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style Aftermath 1.0.5

    Xenforo Meets Bold. Make an impression with your gaming website with Aftermath for Xenforo 2! Aftermath is an incredible gaming style for Xenforo forum, bringing amazing creative graphics and loads of features under the hood. Originally created as a custom HTML gaming template, Aftermath has...
  17. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on XF2 [S70] Steam Authentication and Integration (Connected Accounts) - NEW: ANALYTICS, XF1 IMPORTING 1.7.9

    The leading Steam integration module for XenForo 2 This add-on provides a fully functional XF2 connected account provider for Steam. This means it integrates perfectly with the existing sign-in system and feels native to XenForo 2 - like an add-on should. Current features IMPORTANT: Data...
  18. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style [TH] Tactical

    More Tactical Features: Standard, floating, or sticky navigation and userbar Right to left support Dozens of different search bar and navigation position variations Collapsible nodes, sidebar, postbit,and signatures Many types of category description types (tooltip, inline, or none at all)...
  19. ENXF NET

    xF2 Add-on Gamepad Icons 1.0

    Ever wanted to spruce up your gaming community by adding PlayStation and Xbox controller buttons to your posts and/or content? Now you can.. :) Demo: It should be noted that I did *not* design these icons, I have adapted them for use with XenForo. I am distributing them under the same license...
  20. ENXF NET

    XF2 Style Shades of Grey v2.2.10

    Shades of Grey A simple dark theme for XenForo 2 No template edits ...only CSS additions The style has been exported as an "archive" so no need to "extract" the zip file Simply import the .zip file as is Installation Instructions: While in the Admin CP, select: Appearance > Styles > Import >...